Bit-Kit is an Application and Web-Development company based in Oslo, Norway. Originally founded in 2003, we strive to be the best, and we continuously update our knowledge of ever evolving technology. With our extensive multinational experience and knowledge of development and design, including artificial intelligence, we guarantee the quality of the end-product. Cooperation with leading development companies and top designers ensures the absolute best result for our customers.

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Racecar Customer: Rayon
Website: Requires login
Technologies: HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP, flash

Racecar needed a backend system for their flash frontend. In this system the user can upload and sort movies and related images, administer the front page, as well as administer a system where selected movies can be shown a selected audience.

Kunstnernes Hus Customer: Rayon
Technologies: HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP

Implementation of frontend css based on Rayon's designs, plus prepare the webpages for the upcoming backend cms system.

Navico, B&G Site Customer: Rayon
Websites: Simrad, B&G, Northstar, Eagle, Lawrence
Technologies: HTML, CSS, javascript, ASP, EPiServer, SEO

Implementation of five EPiServer websites for Navico (the world's biggest supplier of marine equipment), under the same server backend. Frontend css based on Rayon's designs.

Mensendieck Customer: Rayon
Technologies: HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP

Frontend CSS and HTML, and some backend PHP implementing Rayon's designs for the Mensendieck website.

Au2Sys Customer: Rayon/BEKK
Website: Intranet
Technologies: HTML, CSS, javascript, J2EE, Spring, Watir, Ruby

Huge development project (50+ people) implementing the frontend for Veivesenets new vehicle registration system.

Screenshot MyMP3Tone MiniPlayer Customer: SmartLink
Technologies: Flash, html, css, javascript, php

A small compact flash mp3 player that loads mp3s based on a very simple javascript. Thus the webpage can have an arbitrary number of mp3s in an html layout and feed them dynamically to the flash player.

Screenshot MyMP3Tone Full Player Customer: SmartLink
Technologies: Flash, html, css, javascript, C++, php

A server side script uploads an mp3 file given by the user, reads the mp3 file info and creates a waveform image. The info, image and mp3 is passed to a flash in which the user can select a segment in the UI and send the selected segment as a ringtone to a cellphone.

Pollenvarslingen Admin Interface Customer: Inn/Primetime
Website: Requires login
Technologies: HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP

Complete backend system for the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association and their online pollenforecasts, and a custom bulk mailer.

Fevennen Customer: Inn/Primetime
Technologies: HTML, CSS, javascript

CSS and HTML implementation of various designs prior to new backend CMS and frontend.

FreeZone Customer: FreeZone
Website: Offline
Technologies: HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP

Complete implementation of frontend and backend CMS system, mail system, webshop and more.

Environmental Awareness

Bit-Kit takes the environment very seriously. We have taken all measures possible to ensure that our contribution to the environment is more than positive.

  • All plastic, paper, metal and glass is recycled.
  • We buy carbon offset quotas from CarbonNeutral ensuring we are at least 100% CO2 neutral. This company is among others preferred by the biggest airline in Scandinavia SAS.
  • Bit-Kit buys electricity from Hafslund. This power company guarantees that all power sold is from renewable sources and green. Read more here.
  • We try to rely on public transport and bicycle.

Bit-Kit wishes to encourage everyone to do the same.


Bit-Kit offers a wide range of fixed products and services. This includes the ability to customize, for both the enterprise customer and smaller consumer market. Because of our extensive knowledge in available technology, we can suggest the best approach to solve a given problem. We can create custom products, both web-based and Windows-based applications, and we can guarantee top quality and design. Finally, we yearn to strive in conceiving innovative ideas and put into practice products for any lucrative market.


Switch is our flagship product here at Bit-Kit. It is a full-featured presentation program, thoroughly developed and intended for all user types. The intuitive user interface keeps track of all elements and ensures a complete overview. Switch is intended to provide for quick presentation development. Stunning graphics and animations will awe your audience.

Beta to be released autumn 2008.


TranSupport was originally built as an advanced organization and overview tool for any transportation and/or delivery service in the enterprise. The Radio Central keeps track of delivery personnel through an advanced and user-friendly interface. Transporters communicate with the database through Qtec or other mobile units. A web interface enables transporters, the central, and customers to keep track of all their data online, including tracking the package.

Interactive AI Robots

These robots of artificial-intelligent design are an ongoing collaboration project with the New Zealand-based AI company Robot Hosting. 3D animated models talk and interact with the user directly through the browser. Natural Language Processing (NLP) ensures the robot "understands" what the user asks for per request. The robot can then retrieve information from databases, RSS feeds, XML and more. Finally, they can feed the support data back to the end user. It is the perfect no-cost support agent, and it is available in many languages. Click on the images below for a demo.


WinDock is a practical program and a folder toolbar. It resides either on the top, bottom, right or left side of the screen, or floating on the desktop. WinDock contains your most commonly used programs and folders. Once the mouse hovers over the toolbar, a fancy animation zooms the hovered item into view. In this way, many programs and folders can be organized in a small amount of space. WinDock is an attractive program sitting on your desktop.

Available for download soon...

Custom Development

Ironically enough, Bit-Kit's most common product isn't really a single product at all. We can custom design products to meet any customers' requirements and needs. In addition, we provide full support and counseling should the need arise. We at Bit-Kit create both Windows-based and web-based applications, network applications, database-connected applications and much more. In the end, we always strive to deliver a great product for all our customers. Good design is always important, and custom development provides an interesting challenge we love to handle. Contact us today for a complete consultation showing what we can do for your business.


The computer industry develops in a ground-breaking speed. Every 18 months performances and capacities are said to be doubled. This requires that a successful technology development company needs to always be on the cutting-edge. Bit-Kit seeks to assimilate new technology. It is of absolute essence to always be up to date on the very latest techniques and abilities of the technology at hand; this will ensure that our products are top quality. We are proud to present some of them here.


The .Net revolution is here. Microsoft has developed a solid framework for all kinds of application development. Developers worldwide already build distributed applications, web services and object-oriented applications, and .Net simplifies development with cross-language interoperability, painless deployment and much more. Bit-Kit has been part of this revolution from the very beginning. We have wide experience in development for the .Net platform and can offer all kinds of development solutions and counseling. Our repertoire includes: C#, C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, ASP, ADO, DirectX, OpenGL and Win API programming.


The Internet has changed a lot over the last years. What used to be a simple medium for retrieval of information has developed into a very advanced technological tool with depth. Browsers can run programs from servers almost as if the current Internet boundaries didn't exist, and those very boundaries are slowly fading away. New technology has turned the Internet into something very different from only a few years ago. Bit-Kit will ensure that you get the best suited technology for your project. Wether it's ASP, ADO, .Net, MySql, PHP, JavaScript, Java Applets, Servlets or plain and simple CSS and HTML, it's always our main goal to produce the best possible end product.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a common term for a number of techniques to make a computer program to make its own decisions or even learn. At Bit-Kit we often incorporate AI into our programs for a number of reasons. Today, a successful development company will need to combine the most appropriate techniques to make the best possible software. AI used in the right way can easily be that "extra feature" that will put your company ahead of the competition. We can evaluate your needs and incorporate techniques like artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, case based reasoning, logical planning, natural language processing and many more into your project.


Good design is essential in all Bit-Kit products. Wether we're talking about aesthetically pleasing web pages, exquisite flash animations or eye-catching designs, good design is important to us. However, the term 'design' is diverse. It can also just as well mean that a user interface is user friendly. At Bit-Kit we ensure all of the above, and believe good design will have a great impact on results and performance.

3D Animation

Apart from specializing in application development, Bit-Kit also does 3D animation, visualization and design. Libraries like DirectX and OpenGL are readily available and ready for use. We can develop plug-ins for your 3D environment like e.g. 3D Studio MAX, and create advanced animation, motion-tracking and 3D modeling.


Bit-Kit develops products on a number of platforms and with different tools and programming languages. The most common are C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Java, JSP, PHP, MySql, Flash Action Script, Max Script, DHTML (CSS, HTML, JavaScript, including AJAX), XML, JSON, OpenGL, DirectX, Win API, ASP, ASPX, ADO, Perl, Prolog, CGI, EPiServer, 3D Studio MAX, Visual Studio and all the most common image processing and drawing programs. Developers at Bit-Kit are also higly skilled in user interface design and have published articles and master theses. Should you have a special development request, we promise to take a thorough look at it and provide you a quick feedback.


Bit-Kit cooperates with a number of well-established companies to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. All of our products are thoroughly developed with an elegant design and a smart user interface. Here are some of our close associates:

Inn AS (webdesign, hosting, design, illustration)
Robot-hosting (AI development, AI talking robots)
Imagevue (Webdesign, flash, image presentation) [demo]
Genie IT Solutions (Programming, consulting, networks)
Witberg (Illustration, design, 3D, video edit, photo, presentation)
James Tandy (3D design & animation, programming, web) [demo]

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